SmartHeat manufactures its heat exchange products in accordance with national quality standard system. SmartHeat is ISO9001 , ISO14001 and ASME certified , and its products meet the requirements set forth in Regulatory Method of Safety and Registration of Plate Heat Exchanger Products and GB standard Plate Heat Exchanger GB16409-1996. SmartHeat has the qualification certification for design and manufacture of BRI pressure vessels, and is certified PHE Product Safety Registration Certificate by National Standardization Technical Committees for Boiler and Pressure Vessel. SmartHeat also passed the examination conducted by China National Supervision and Testing Center for Petroleum Drilling, Exploitation, Refining and Petrochemical Equipment. SmartHeat is in possession of national patent certificates for air heat exchanger, large-sized high-performance spiral plate condenser and special heat exchanger for alcohol industry. SmartHeat is Level 1 member of CNPC supply network, member of Sinopec supplies resource market, designated enterprise of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation, shortlisted supplier of CNOOC, designated enterprise of China National Electric Power Incorporation and Ministry of Water Resources for single auxiliary machine. With consistently world-class extraordinary quality of its heat exchange products, SmartHeat is enabled to meet stringent requirements of each and every customer.

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