With top technical specialists and scholars in in-depth basic research and application development in heat exchange sector, SmartHeat possesses a number of cutting-edge research fruits and proprietary technologies. With globally advanced digital simulation technology for simulation of multiple actual scenarios, heat exchange equipment with excellent mobility and heat transfer performance are optimized. By adopting globally advanced SOLIDWORKS, UG and other design software, leading-edge FLUENT software for fluid analysis, and SmartHeat developed PHECal, THECal, SHECal computation softwares with CAD, CAE, CAM and other computer value control systems utilized in the full course for design analysis, intensified optimization, quality management and equipment operation, SmartHeat’s experts, enriched by professional technical experiences of 100,000 cases of 20 years, are good at development and design of heat exchange equipment for high temperature, high pressure, highly corrosive or special medium, small space and other various complicated and severe scenarios and conditions, and successfully provide solutions to some special industries and special cases.
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