TITAN 630 Despatched Successfully from SmartHeat Germany

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It’s the last Friday in October when again a big heat pump is leaving the factory of SmartHeat in Güstrow. Nevertheless, this time it is something different. A special truck had to be ordered to collect it - the heat pump is really a big one for our factory. The rated power is  630 kW. 
The point of destination is the district heating network of Waltershausen, a small city in South East Germany. The water/water heat pump extracts waste heat through a gas/water heat exchanger from the warm flue gas of a CHP.   There are many of these small sizes Combined Heat and Power Plants in Germany, generating power and heat. Their flue gas is an additional source of energy that can be utilized by heat pumps.  Our TITAN heat pump recovers the heat from the flue gas and feeds it into the district heating network.
Our customer is an energy provider in one of the Federal States of Germany (Thuringia).  Its plant supplies private and business clients, industrial enterprises and public services with heating and electrical energy.
The engineers and technicians of SmartHeat Germany are responsible for the complete design and manufacturing of this project-specific heat pump as well as the quality management. The final test run on the in house test bench is always connected with an emotional Goodbye to our machine. For the SmartHeat Titan 630, it was the beginning of a new  life,  satisfying our customer’s  needs for cost efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply.

Production staff standing behind their product

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