1st Order on SmartHeat PHE Substation for Domestic Hot Water

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The micro-volume self-compensated PHE substation for domestic hot water independently developed by SmartHeat has received the 1st order recently, which is formally included in the scope of expansion project for Seagate Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.’s hot water system. 

“The product is sized for the project requirements. The good-looking equipment easily operates in a reliable manner at constant temperature, and covers small floor space. The delivery and sale services are as per the contract requirement. ”The micro-volume self-compensating PHE substation for domestic hot water combines the characteristics available for positive displacement and instant domestic hot water heating substation so that it is well recognized by customers soon after being put on sale.

By making quality products with high technology, SmartHeat attaches great importance to product quality while paying great attention to user experiences in terms of new product’s R&D. Ultrasonic descaling and 100% elimination of legionella are two unique highlights for the micro-volume self-compensating PHE substation for domestic hot water so as to make users feel comfortable just like in a 5-star hotel.

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