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SmartHeat won the fame of Chinese District Energy Saving and Emission Reduction outstanding enterprise

CABEE’s district energy professional committee establishment and The CDEA annual meeting of 2015 were held in Beijing in November. There is no doubt that it is a premier meeting in heating industry.

The theme of the meeting is “District Smart Energy, Energy-efficient Low-emission.”This aims to improve the construction of Energy-efficient city and provide systematic energy solution for smart cities. Mr. Jiang Nanqing, Doctor from the UNEP, the director of NDRC energy department-Mr. Dai Yande, CABEE’s director-Wu Yong and commissioner of the national center for energy saving-Mr.Gao Hong, together made guidance according to The UN and China ecological civilization, Energy Saving and Emission Reduction also the combination of PPP model and district energy. Some experts shared their opinion about planning, technique, operating and investment. Then the committee selected the outstanding enterprises that made contribution to district energy.
SmartHeat Taiyu (Shen Yang) Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd won the the fame of Chinese outstanding enterprise of District Energy Saving and Emission Reduction with 11 other enterprises , which made contribution to China District energy-saving and emission reduction.
SmartHeat Taiyu (Shen Yang) Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd is the only enterprise that won the fame in heating industry.

SmartHeat Taiyu sales director Mr. Herman Zhang loaded with honor and confidently said: From the research, design to the manufacturing process, step by step carefully and dedicated to our enterprise. Our enterprise culture encourages us to put emphasis on the performance and the quality of our products. This reward is the best approval for our hardworking. We deserve it.  
As the leading enterprise for manufacturing Heat Exchanger Units, during the 13 years, SmartHeat made great progress. Thousands of Plate Heat Exchanger Units were applied to Urumqi heating project, Dalkia heating project, the DiaoyuTai state GuestHouse, Shanghai Space Agency,3M China and North China Pharmaceutical factory etc. We can feel SmartHeat Plate Heat Exchanger Units all over the country.
High quality of SmartHeat Plate Heat Exchanger Units includes high tech, good service and excellent management. From the design, we use the unique PDM software management system, the products were strictly made according to the design drawings, thus keeping SmartHeat leadership in the heating industry in China. Our factory use ERP management system and possess comprehensive hydraulic test equipment.95% of the welding is automatic. Also use the most advanced epoxy resin static coating process. Our online software made us offer complete proposal to customers quickly. Our unique online equipment management system allows customers to log in and search for the information about the related heat exchanger units, providing all life cycle service to the customers who using our heat exchanger units. All these were the key to success for SmartHeat Taiyu (Shen Yang) Energy & Technology Co.,Ltd.

SmartHeat Plate Heat Exchanger Unit has compact structure, long working life, designed for customers. Meanwhile, with SCADA monitor system, various controlling modes to be chosen.

Smartheat Heat Exchanger Unit for HVAC is the intelligent one that is engineered for pressure isolation protection and exchanger of refrigeration/heat in AC system of high-rise building and skyscraper. SmartHeat Heat Exchanger Unit for HVAC is suitable for the large restaurants, office building, hotel, business club, apartment building and workshops.

SmartHeat Heat Exchanger Unit for Apartment Heating Station won many national patents, ensuring both personally safety and equipment safety. Advanced manufacturing technologies, quality materials and delicate design ensure that SmartHeat Heat Exchanger Unit for Apartment Heating Station operates in a reliable and convenient manner for a longer service life, thus further reducing operation cost.

SmartHeat Heat Exchanger Unit for Domestic Hot Water provides the swimming pools, baths and hotels with high-quality domestic water.

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