SmartHeat Gasketed Plate
Most Plate Models Are Available
1.Advantages of More Specification Plates
2.SmartHeat all series ordinary plate total 10 series and 40 specifications;
3.To every series, there are 6 kinds of specifications for different length but the same width and angular aperture;
4.To every specification, there are wide-angle or narrow-angle (herring bone corrugation) type except of ultra-deep groove free flow type plate;
5.Each plate includes in shallow groove, deep groove & ultra-deep groove type, will form narrow channel, wide channel, ultra-wide channel PHE after assembling.

Advantages of More Specification Plates

1.Higher efficiency of heat transfer;
2.Maximum use of Pressure Drop within allowable value;
3.Obtaining strongest turbulence and a polished plate surfaces reduces fouling and corrosion;
4.Competitive price.

Diverging area

1.Low flow resistance;
2.Even flow distribution;
3.High heat transfer efficiency;
4.Reducing Pitting and Fouling.
Different Herringbone Designs of Plates

1.Up to thousands of contact points are formed between herring bone corrugated plates;
2.Extremely high accuracy makes the contact points between plates bear even pressure;
3.The designs of two kinds of plate with two herring bone patterns of different angles to satisfy diverse needs, thus obtaining higher transfer efficiency and reasonable           pressure drop.

Wide and Narrow Flow Channels

1.Optional channel designs for each size plate, shallow groove,deep groove and ultra-deep groove;
2.The PHE design can form narrow, wide and ultrawide channels respectively after assembling;
3.Meet operating requirements of various working condition and media.

Swallow-tail-shape hanging system

1.Hang the plate on the top carrying bar to slide easy;
2.Fix position accurately;
3.The new designed swallow-tail-shape edge fold makes plates lock each other automatically so that all of plates can align accurately to avoid deviation manually.

Series Design of Plates Length Under Same Connection Size

1.Every series of plates includes 3 to 6 models of plates, which have the same hole size and width, but different lengths, meeting the working conditions with different thermal length;
2.Short plates can be selected for the duties of steam heating, a small thermal length duty. Long plates can be selected for the duties of small temperature difference heat exchange, a big thermal length duty. In this way, it is favorable for reducing or avoiding too big heat exchange area and thus improving its operating efficiency.

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