SmartBLOCK-Fully welded heat exchanger
SmartBLOCK is a welded plate type heat exchanger that can be opened at both sides and designed without any seal gaskets installed between heat transfer plates, it can provide large heat transfer area within a compact space, and can be opened at two sides for cleaning.
SmartBLOCK is such designed that the heat transfer plates, frame columns and cover panels are bolted into a plate bank assembly, this assembly is bolted with the rigid rectangle shaped side panels to form a unit. Sealing strips (gaskets) are installed between the plate bank and side panels (4 gaskets are required for each heat exchanger). Side panels are served to separate the fluid loop and enhance mechanical strength, and removable baffles can be installed for each fluid loop.

1.Laser welded corrugated plates

2. Materials
• SS 316(L), 304(L)
• 254 SMO,904L
• Titanium,Titanium-palladium
• Hastelloy C276,C22,C2000,G30,Nickel 200,Incoloy 825

3. No interplate gasket for handling of aggressive media
4. Wide gap to avoid fouling
5. Multi-pass design
6. Full accessibility on both sides for inspection and cleaning
7. High thermal performance and compactness
8. Rigorous manufacturing process

Operation parameters and technical data

Design Pressure:       full vacuum (FV) ~35 barg depending on models
Design Temperature:       -20℃~300℃
Maximum heat transfer area:       450m2
Lowest achievable temperature difference:     3℃
Standard Pressure (bar)

Standard Temperature (℃)*



Maximum Weight (kg)
BW25 F.V.-35 -20-300 550 x 550 x 1000 1800
BW33 F.V.-35 -20-300 650 x 650 x 1300 3200
BW50 F.V.-30 -20-250 850 x 850 x 2100 6300
BW75 F.V.-30 -20-250 1250 x 1250 x 2800 17330
BW100 F.V.-30 -20-250 1500 x 1500 x 2800 30000


Oil & gas production
Heat recovery in TEG system (gas dehydration)
Heat recovery, cooling, condensation & reboiling in amine systems (gas sweetening, sour service)
EO/EG lean/rich solvent service
Condensation in atmospheric and vacuum distillation
Steam generation
Pre-heating of crude oil
Cooling of gasoline, kerosene, gas oil, diesel etc

Chlorine gas cooling (drying)
Hydrogen gas cooling (drying)

Ethyl acetate cooling
diethylene oxide cooling
Coke oven plants
Ammonia liquor scrubber cooling
Benzoilzed oil heating

HVAC, district heating, utilities, general services
Hot water production system

Hydrocarbon process industry
Condensation, heating/cooling, heat recovery and reboiling duties.
Mining industry, Metallurgy, Fertilizer production, etc.

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