Heat Meter Verification Facility

Product brief:

Model S L J series verification facilities of heat meter (hereinafter referred to as the facilities) are the new generation of verification facilities of heat meter designed and manufactured by our company. The application of national utility model patent has been submitted. Their relevant technology has reached the advanced level of the similar international facilities. The facilities are in accordance with the relevant requirements of the People's Republic of China metrological verification regulation JJG225-2001 Heat Meters, the People's Republic of China urban construction industry standard CJ128-2007 Heat Meters and CJ/T 357-2010 Verification Facilities of Heat Meters.
The facilities are applicable to pattern evaluation, prototype test, shipping verification, initial verification, periodic verification and verification in progress for various types of heat meters by metrology verification institution, heat meter manufacturing industry and heat supply enterprise.
The facilities are based on advanced design, rational structure, good process, new materials and high quality imported parts. They achieve a real technology by which 16 heat meters can be verified simultaneously. The facilities combine the “standard meter method” with the “quality method”. They feature advanced functionality, high degree of automation, high reliability, high consistency and self-check function.

Multi-function: The facilities can measure several parameters such as heat, flow, temperature, pressure loss and degree of preparation. They can perform complete and combined verifications of heat meter, and are suitable for the use by heat meter manufacturer and inspection organization.
High consistency: The facilities really simulate actual operating conditions of heat user. Standard meter and tested meter are tested in the same medium, temperature and time period to ensure the system accuracy of the facilities.
High efficiency: The test system of tested meter of facilities is installed in series, and can verify 16 heat meters once. In the event that 16 heat meters are connected in series, the maximum flow of tested meter can still be tested.
High reliability: Combine the “quality method” with the “standard meter method”. The self-check can be performed in any time. Ensure the accuracy, reliability, saved time and easy operation of standard meter. The key parts of the facilities are based on high quality imported equipments so that stability, reliability and durability of the facilities can be ensured
High degree of automation: The whole verification process is automatic, and the verification data is automatically collected. Recording, judgment, archiving, printing and analysis and statistics of several data such as heat, flow, temperature and pressure of every heat meter can be performed.
Completed technical and service system: The specialized technical and service team, efficient technical consults and services and completed installation and operation training, guarantee customer trouble free operation of machine.

Typical performance:
Chifeng city product quality measurement test institute
Inner Mongolia Building Energy Efficiency Evaluation Center ( East Station )


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