Heat Meter System
Hand-held meter-reading unit
Hand-held meter-reading unit is portable equipment which can achieve data collection of heat meter. Substitute for manual meter-reading so that the efficiency of meter-reading is increased and human error is reduced. 

Technical parameters
Upstream port: RS232
Downstream port: Infrared communication
Upstream communication baud rate: 115200bps
Downstream communication baud rate: 2400bps


M-BUS repeater centralized meter-reading unit
M-BUS repeater centralized meter-reading unit is the carrier via which upper computer and heat meter are connected in the M-BUS networking meter-reading system , and is M-BUS bus signal repeater.

Main functions and features:
Signal processing function: The M-BUS repeater centralized meter-reading unit is integrated with serial communication and level translation modules. The signal from the upper computer can be converted into the M-BUS signal by level translation module, and then is sent to the lower repeater or heat meter via the M-BUS meanwhile the M-BUS signal from the lower computer can be sent to the upper computer after it is received and processed;
Independent FLASH memory module is used to ensure the safety of data storage;
Independent real time clock maintenance system enables accurate clock;
Self-diagnosis function;
The power to electrical circuits is supplied by 220VAC power.

Main indicators
Communication baud rate: 300 to 9600bps
Remote distance: up to 4km
Communication network section for M-BUS repeater centralized meter-reading unit
Maximum number of loads: 250

M-BUS network meter-reading system
M-BUS is a standard communication bus for European user meters. 

Features of M-BUS system
The meter-reading plan enables easy concentration and collection and fetch.
Installation and commissioning is easy.
Mass data storage enables the traceability of heat meter.
Real time network monitoring ensures proper operation of piping network.
Data statistics and charge implementation is easy.
Many protection measures ensure the reliability of network.
The data from repeater centralized meter-reading unit can be loaded via the network or hand-held meter-reading unit.
The system nodes can be expanded and adapted to multi-user centralized meter-reading.
Provide the platform for future function expansion.
Optional M-BUS/ RS485 module can achieve the data transfer between two types of bus.

Introduction of heat-metering and charging management software
This software is a management software for heat-metering and charging for heat supply enterprise developed independently by our company. It has the following functions:
Real time monitoring function: Monitoring and display of accumulated heat, accumulated flow, transient heat, transient flow, inlet/outlet water temperature, temperature difference, alarm message and communication status, etc.
User analysis function:
Perform analysis and comparison among the users, floors, buildings and zones to provide the basis of heat supply optimization.
Accounting management: User filing, payment records, current expense, prepayment information, arrear information, heat price and charging and settlement, etc.
User management function: Building increase, building setting, room number setting, user information management, rights management, system management, etc.
Historical data inquiry: Monitoring data inquiry function, alarm event inquiry, trouble message inquiry and login information inquiry
Instrument information management: Heat meter address setting, parameter setting, internal data inquiry, version number, setting of displayed unit of measuring.

Typical performance:

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