Industrial Heat Meter
Main technical indicators:
Measuring range of temperature: 0 to 180°C
Temperature difference: 3 to 150K
Temperature difference resolution: 0.001°C
Thermal units:  GJ, MJ, KWH optional
Communication mode: Infrared, M-BUS, RS-485
Degree of protection: IP67
Accuracy class: Class 2 or 3
Medium temperature: 0 to 95°C and 0 to 130°C
Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation, easy and applicable;
The flow meter is provided with cemented carbide, sapphire bush which can greatly extend service life and increase the accuracy of measuring;
The heat meter is provided with (large diameter) strainer so that service life and accuracy of measuring can be ensured;
Several types of communication ports are available for intelligent management. 
Ultrasonic industry heat meter  
Simple and compact design; 
Static flow instruments without moving element;
Large dynamic measuring range;  
No wear and crack;  
High accuracy;  
Long service life.

Typical performance:


Project: Hohhot Wanda plaza
Models of heat meter: DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40 and DN100
Quantity: 4615
Operating status: Accurate measurement and stable operation.

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