Standard PHE Substation for HVAC
HVAC-intermediate heat exchanger Substation.
• SmartHeatHVAC-intermediate heat exchanger Substation  is the intelligent one that is engineeredfor pressure isolation protection and exchange of refrigeration/heat in A/Csystem of high-rise and ultra high-rise.

• SmartHeatHVAC-intermediate heat exchanger Substation  is applicable for pressure isolationprotection and heat exchange with high-rise and ultra high-rise such as smallto large restaurants, office building, hotel, business club, residence andapartment building, and workshops.

• SmartHeatHVAC-intermediate heat exchanger Substation  is of the function of heat exchange forsmall differential temperature, and can achieve heat exchange at minimaltemperature difference of 0.5°C.
•SmartHeatHVAC-intermediate heat exchanger Substation is of compactstructure, low footprint and convenient operation/maintenance. According toreserved field lifting conditions, heavy unit can be designed by multipleflexible ways such as disassembly.

•SmartHeatHVAC-intermediate heat exchanger Substation employs newly engineered efficientwater pump damper according to the requirement of low noise for intermediateequipment.
•SmartHeat HVAC-intermediate heat exchangerSubstation is based upon integrated design concept, and is of highperformance-cost ratio. Before ex-factory, the Substation  shall undergo hydraulic andelectrical test by simulating actual operation cases according to designrequirements, in order to ensure the operation of overall system.
Advanced processes such asautomatic welding and digital plasma cutting are conducted for all the weldedparts of SmartHeat HVAC-intermediate heat exchanger Substation, to ensurestable and reliable product quality.

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