Standard PHE Substation for Apartment Heating
PHE Substation for Apartment Heating

SmartHeat PHE substation for department heating station comes in geothermal heating series and radiator heating series for different working conditions. The largest unit is only 0.8 meter wide and less than 1.9 meters high, which can go through an ordinary entrance door of a household.

SmartHeat PHE substation for department heating station embodies a number of national patents, ensuring both personal safety and equipment safety. Advanced manufacturing technologies, quality materials and delicate design ensure that SmartHeat PHE substation for department heating station operates in a reliable and convenient manner for a longer service life, thus further reducing operation cost.

Advanced and Completed Control Function
Data collection, network communication, automatic blow down and exhaust, self diagnosis, self-inspection and reset after power resumption, audible and visual alarm, interlock protection, bidirectional data transmission between the controller and the surveillance center to enable unattended operation.
Outdoor temperature compensation and automatic water feeding under constant pressure to ensure comfortable supply water temperature and energy-saving control.
Frequency control system for adjusting heat distribution according to actual heat consumption in the secondary pipeline network or regulating the flow rate of circulation pump according to the differential pressure from the most disadvantageous circuit.
Quantitative heating index management and effective energy-saving measures.

Performance Data
BHR Series (Radiator Heating)

BHF Series (Geothermal Heating)

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