Rapid Electric Dirt Separator
Rapid electric dirt separator is intended for the filtration and removal of impurities and dirt in the pipelines of heating system, in order to maintain clean water in the system, thereby reducing pipe resistance and preventing blockage. The electric dirt separator runs a flow process like this: raw water flows from the inlet into the cylinder, going through the strainer, and outflows from the port and into the system, while the dirt settles to the bottom of the dirt separator and discharges from the port. The rapid electric dirt separator is designed with an optimum construction based on the principles of fluid dynamics, with minimal operating resistance, so the dirt separator can make back flush and discharge while the system is in operation, thus ensuring the normal operation of the system. Currently, rapid electric dirt separator takes three modes of control: timing, differential pressure and manual control, and the rapid dirt separator featuring handle operation can also be supplied to user’s requirements.

>Easy installation; it can be directly installed on pipelines, and fit for operating in a variety of process conditions.
>Small size, low cost, and easy maintenance.
>Removable strainer for easy maintenance.
>Highly automatic operation for the ease of management – operation without monitoring.
>Back flush by using the pressure of water header, so there is no need to provide the water supply for backwash, and little pressure loss, thus reducing water usage.
>Widely used; it’s a practical, simple and reliable solution to ensure the safe operation of water equipment.

Performance Data
Design Pressure: 1.6Mpa 
Design Temperature: 180℃
Filtration Precision: 2mm
Flange Standard: GB/T 9119
Design Flow: ≤1160m3/h

Typical Models and Dimensions

Model L
Rated Flow
KC-D80P16 638 495 585 272 67 83
KC-D100P16 712 544 615 272 88 114
KC-D125P16 705 562 633 290 149 125
KC-D150P16 820 647 680 304 212 150
KC-D200P16 922 709 834 388 367 176
KC-D250P16 1037 819 974 427 592 213
KC-D300P16 1104 891 1076 468 858 259
KC-D350P16 1231 1008 1123 486 1160 334


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