SmartHeat Bernoulli Back Flush Filter
SmartHeat Bernoulli Filter is designed with an optimum construction based on Bernoulli's Principle of fluid dynamics (i.e. the higher the flow velocity of water, the lower the water pressure, and vice versa). During the filtration of raw water, the filter can drain periodically or automatically
under the control of differential pressure. The filter is characterized by large capacity, easy installation in maintenance, and long service lifetime. SMARTHEAT Bernoulli filter can be installed in piping system, with no requirement of bypass, and drainage back flush can be performed at any time while the system is in operation, without human intervention, to ensure the normal operation of the system. SMARTHEAT Bernoulli filter is widely used in steel mills, power plant, petrochemical and other fields, and can be applied to any conditions of temperature, pressure and flowrate of natural water.

Ø The filter can be drained automatically while it’s
     in operation, with no need of system shutdown;
Ø Constant pressure can be maintained during the
    operation (working on Bernoulli Principle);
Ø Quick back flush, little loss of water, high flowrate,
    and low pressure loss;
Ø Small pressure fluctuation during the drainage;
Ø Almost no quick-wear parts, and easy to
Ø Three control modes of manual, timing, and
Ø Low operating costs, simple operation, and easy  

Design Pressure 1.0MPa
Design Temperature 150
Filtration Precision 2mm
Nominal Diameter   (DN) DN300-DN600
Flow Range ≤3500m3/h
Cylinder Material Carbon Steel
Strainer Material ANSI304, AISI316,Ti
Flange Standard GB/T9119 or non-standard fabricated 
Typical Model and Size


Model A B L H H1
DN400 1043 1343 1627 1045 560
DN500 1233 1603 1872 1295 684
DN600 1393 1813 2098 1478 767

Resistance Curve

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