Shell Heat Exchanger
SmartHeat is certified for design and manufacture of Class D pressure vessels, able to manufacture not only fixed plate type, floating head type, U-tubing type, packing type, kettle-type, sliding tube-sheet type, bayonet-type exchanger and other traditional tubular heat exchanger, but also special tubular heat exchanger with baffle or helical baffle. SmartHeat has accumulated rich experience in design and manufacture of low temperature pressure vessel and Cr-Mo pressure vessel. The successful application at power plant of safety net shaped heater and application in combustible, explosive or toxic medium conditions of the dual tube-sheet heat exchanger, both of which are developed on the basis of SmartHeat technology, make a brand new breakthrough in special pressure vessel services, which was recognized by the customer in practical application.

There are several structures of SmartHeat tube-shell heat exchangers for option. The helical baffle structure intensifies the heat transfer in shell to realize rational match of heat transfer efficiency and fluid resistance; the dual segmental baffle, rod-baffle, helical baffle structures can reduce vibration to avoid tube connection failure, and reduce wear and tear between tube bundle and baffle to eliminate leakage. With high-performance heat transfer tubing (hose or threaded connection), the internal-external heat transfer of the tubing is intensified and thus heat efficiency is improved. The finned tubing can improve external heat transfer with higher heat exchange efficiency. The high-performance heat transfer tube bundle (hose connection) is anti-fouling.

This product is characterized by high energy-saving efficiency, high safety, and cost-effectiveness, which not only prevents major incident occurrence, but also reduces maintenance frequency and cost. 

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