Water/Ground source heat pump-TITAN series
Water/Ground source heat pump-TITAN series

The SmartHeat Titan is a heat pump for largest power requirements which can be used for differentheat source systems.
In the power range of up to about 180 kW efficientscroll compressors are used in tandem design, above180 kW durable screw compressors are used which
can be controlled infinitely variable, if required.
Numerous equipment variants and a flexible multifunctionalcontrol make the SmartHeat Titan to alarge-scale heat pump which is perfectly adapted tothe requirements of the project.
Types: Brine/Water, Water/Water
Power range: 50 – 450 kW, project-related productionof up to 1,500 kW
Power range of inverter technology: 8 -63 kW
Rate of performance: BW > 5 / WW > 6
> Equipment (standard):
High efficient, full-hermetic inverter scrollcompressors, tandem scrollcompressors or semihermeticscrew compressors (depending on the
power range)
  • Large dimensioned plate heat exchanger, stainlesssteel, copper-brazed
  • Electronic expansion valve for optimum rate ofperformance
  • Cooling circuit with inspection glass and filterdrier, high and low pressure monitoring
  • Balanced filling with refrigerant R407C, maximumflow temperature up to 55 °C
  • Noise insulated housing made of powder coatedsteel sheet (up to 180 kW)
  • Multifunctional control 
  • Connections at the rear or variable
  • Multiple vibration decoupled
> Optional / additional equipment:
  • Special compressor and multistage compressorarrangements
  • Option HT (fix speed): refrigerant R134a, flowtemperature up to 75 °C depending on the usedcompressor type
  • Option R: reversible type for active cooling with aminimum outlet temperature of 10 °C
  • Option R+: Reversible type optimized for thecooling operation with a minimum outlet temperatureof 7 °C
  • Option WT: evaporator and/or condenser as shelland-tube heat exchanger
  • Option HG-WT: equipment with additionalheat gas heat exchanger for efficient hot waterpreparation
  • Option S: additional housing / noise insulationfor additional reduction of sound pressure level(from 180 kW)
  • Extras/Accessories on request
> Titan Z – Energy center
The energy centerSmartHeat Titan Z optionally includesadditional hydraulic components such as circulatingpumps, heat exchanger for separate systems,switch-over and shut-off valves as well as thehydraulic piping for dual operation. These componentscan be selected and defined related to the object.The production of Titan Z is performed relatedto the project. It is possible to attain an optimumin energy efficiency and highest operating safetythanks to the individual adaptation of the performanceprofile for the individual components to theproject specific requirements

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