Coal chemical process flow diagram
Applications: gas cooling, lean and fat oil cooling, ammonia cooling, wastewater cooling, desulphurization solution cooling, desalted water cooling, crude methanol preheating, benzene steam condensation, rich ammonia condensation, Coal-to-Olefin plant, sulfur recovery, heating water heating, boiler feedwater preheating, coke oven gas preheating, atmospheric column reboiler, preheater column reboiler, pressurized column reboiler, desalted water preheater, crude methanol preheater, distillation column preheater, distillation column cooler

Typical performance:
Taigang Coking Plant Renovation Project of Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

950 kt/a Coking Heat Exchanger Equipment of Xinjiang Yilite Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.

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