Since main functions of HVAC include heating, ventilating and air conditioning functions, the abbreviation HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) is the general term of above three functions.

Domestic hot water:
Due to good heat transfer performance, small floor area and economical investment, plate heat exchanger substitutes gradually for conventional vessel type heating system.

Swimming pool water heating:
Install heat exchanger so that swimming pool water can be circulated independently. To avoid the corrosion of plates resulting from chloride ions, please select the material of plates carefully.

Ice storage system:
Using the heat exchanger in the ice storage system can separate water and ethylene glycol solution, resulting in the increase of ROI.

Pressure separation of high building:
To avoid high system pressure in the high building, the plate heat exchanger is used for regional pressure separation so that the demands of using the large water pump and large piping to overcome the system pressure is reduced.

Open and closed circulating water systems:
Using the heat exchanger enables the separation of open type circulating cooling water system from closed circulating system so that the cleanliness of closed circulating system in the unit is protected effectively and service life of the unit is extended.

Typical performance:
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